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HB, Emily S.!

Special Education Today Newsletter 2(4)

Great questions!

Source for scholarships for post-secondary education for students with disabilities

Musical interlude #1

Special Education Today Newsletter 2(3)

Greg Ashman on “binary thinking” about disabilities

HB, Barbara Bateman!

ABA and big social problems

Musical interlude #0

Big DI in Kenya

Special Education Today Newsletter 2(2)

Friday Photos: It's Jason Chow

A modest proposal about schools and police officers

Katelyn Jetelina on what people can do now regarding firearm safety

Arming teachers to protect our childen

Special Education Today Newsletter 2(1)

Put more guns into schools?

Katelyn Jetelina on mental illness and mass shootings

Birds and sped

Resources for teaching visually impaired students

Association for Science in Autism Treatment newsletter is available

A snapshot of US schools' responses to COVID-19

Calling it a year!

Additional reflections on our world

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(50)

Teacher-directed instruction isn't wrong! #2

Services for children with disabilities in California differ according to the children's ethnicity

Honor Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia

School Shootings and Students with Disabilities: John's screed

Teacher-directed instruction isn't wrong!—#1

Greatest hits on SET

What are you reading about special education technology?

Comparing di to DI

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(49)

NY Times reported changes in Lucy Calkins's work on early literacy

Virtual workshop on children with disabilities and the current pandemic slated

Keeping up with Samuel

NZ students with autism and school suspensions

U.S. ED to host discussion about students' mental health

Hey, hey! HB, Kristy Somerville-Midgette!

Special Education Today Newsletter (1, 48)

Happy BD, Ruth Scott Emmons Lloyd

Making research comparisons that are theoretically important.

Defining "DI"—My history

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(47)

BAP podcasts

TAW #5

Friday photos #21: Mike Gerber

TAW #3

And this month's AST newsletter...

TAW #2

IES posts about studies of autism in early childhood and elementary years

TAW #1

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(46)

I wonder, wonder, wonder

US ED & LAUSD agree to compensatory efforts to rectify students with disabiliies who were shortchanged

Friday Photos: Our late leader, Ken Kavale

NAMI is a winner!

Guiding youths through post-secondary waters

College students' use of disability supports

Serious core reading instruction

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(45)

Did I mention this before?

Reading Recovery research may not look so good

Evaluating Curricula—# 10

The shortage of sped teachers

Reversals redux

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(44)

Math and teaching kids with EBD

Myths, scams, shams, and BS

Barbara D. Bateman

Friday photos—#20: Paige Pullen and Dan Hallahan

Notes about the Midwest Symposium for Leadership in BD

Concerns about brain-based analyses

It's great to promote disability awareness!

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(43)

Speducators in their own words—1: What James M. Kauffman has to say

Friday photos: #19—Sarah Powell!

Editorial: Does early identification focus on the wrong variables?

Go happily, Gary Sasso; you did good

Inclusion may not always be good

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(42)

ASAT Newsletter

Friday photos #18—Jonté Taylor

Improving ventilation in schools

Post-secondary education for individuals with disabilities

CODA keeps on teaching!

Another reflection on teaching phonics

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(41)

Yay, CODA!

Translating the US Secretary of Education’s 24 March 2022 letter

Special education happiness metric

Seidenberg's notes on "science of reading"

McKenna on sped journalism

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(40)

A parent's insights

Australian support for effective instruction

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(39)

What people say caused them to quit their jobs

NYTimes on pandemic associated early reading concerns

Promoting reading success

Organizations addressing mental health issues

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(38)

ASAT Newletter again!

Hechinger: The cost of independent evaluations

IES-funded researchers recognized

EBLI video with David Chalk

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(37)

Evaluating Curricula—# 9

Evaluating Curricula—# 8

Friday photos—17

Cost-benefit analyses

Special Education Today newsletter 1(36)

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 8

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 7

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 6

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 5

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 4

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 3

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 2

Friday Photos—PCRC snaps 1

Costs associated with RPM and DIRFloortime

Considering intersectionality wrt disability

Descriptions and explanations

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(35)

Some students wait longer than others before getting special education

Friday photos—16

LeBron shouts "Kent State"

Next week: PCRC!

Teaching practices—3: Frequency of questioning affects performance

Evaluating Curricula—# 7

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(34)

Friday photos—15

Evaluating curricula—# 6

Teaching practices—2: Praise works!

Is there a storm on the horizon?

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(33)

Teaching practices—1: Teacher greetings

IDEA Annual Report

Reading disagreements yet another time

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(32)

Friday Photos—14

Emily Oster on reading bologna

Dear John: Letters from Angela—ToC

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(31)


Dear John: Letters from Angela—10

Friday photos—13

ASAT newsletter!

Podcasts of probable interest

Epidemiological examination of children's mental health in COVID times

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(30)

Azrin & Lindsley studied whether children learn to cooperate when it is reinforced

Dear John: Letters from Angela—9

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(29)

Evaluating curricula: #5