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Friday photos—12

"Stop the Pendulum" is a book about reading that is worth reading!

Dear John: Letters from Angela—8

Evaluating curricula: #4

Evaluating curricula: #3

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(28)

Evaluating curricula: #2: Jamie thinks big

Holiday wishes?

Dear John—Letters from Angela—7

AU parents seek continued placement for children

Dear John: Letters from Angela—6

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(27)

Dear John—Letters from Angela—5

Friday Photos—11

Dear John: Letters from Angela—3

Dear John: Letters from Angela—4

Seattle Times series on reading

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(26)

Teachers’ career choices in COVID times

Dear John: Letters from Angela—2

Hugh Catts on reading comprehesion

Dear John: Letters from Angela—1

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(25)

Evaluating curricula: #1—Jamie's committee hears from the curriculum company representative

Let the speculation begin about why autism rates have increased!

Free Engelmann book

IDEA is 46!

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(24)

Guardian feature article on actors with Down Syndrome

Friday Photos—10

Hechinger Report examinations of reading

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(23)

Unclear clarification: FPL blog entries obfuscate early reading instruction

US Congress will consider full funding of IDEA

IES announces a Webinar about students affected by the pandemic

Gallo nominated for US ED special education post

Ed Week Webinar on participation in special education

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(22)

Vaughn talk about reading comprehension

DISES recommendations to promote recovery internationally

Illinois CEC is celebrating CEC's centenary

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(21)

Behavior management #7: Analyzing functions of behavior

Friday Photos!

Arthritis and special education

Research about the benefits of intranasal oxytocin therapy for autism

ASAT Newsletter for November 2021

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(20)

Behavior Management #6

Funds for promoting "Reading Reimagined"

Greatest Hits #1

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(19)

NCSER proposed funding increased

Midwest symposium awards nominations

NPR covered teen mental health, too

Smoke signals in reading education

US ED on social-emotional well-being

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(18)

Behavior Management #5: ABCs about misbehavior in more detail

Friday Photos 8

E. Solari on reading

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(17)

SET behavior management series— 10 October 2021

Behavior management: #4...edging toward practice

Study: Families say students with disabilities are not getting needed services

Open access journal articles about DI

D. Lemov on catching up from pandemic losses

US ED COVID-19 grant invitation

Friday Photos 7

ASAT Newsletter for October 2021

Deafness and literacy: Researchers answer questions

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(16)

Behavior management: #3

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention SARS-CoV-19 guidance

US ED: Return to School Roadmap: Development and Implementation of Individualized Education Programs

L. & D. Fuchs receive a major award

Social media, anyone?

Friday Photos 6

APM series on reading instruction

US 42nd Report to Congress is available

Twyman & Heward: Improving instruction now!

Melody Musgrove died

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(15)

Behavior Management #2: Core concepts in behavior management

Physical activity for individuals with disabilities

Friday photos 5

Consequences of COVID for children with ASD and their families

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(14)

Behavior management #1: Introduction of critical ideas

OLDS: NCTE on classroom management

Friday photos 4

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(13)

Families concerned about young adults' living facility choices

Editorial: Fountas & Pinnell argue for reducing polarization in reading instruction

Recent resources from The Hechinger Report

Friday photos 3

Accessible playgrounds are an important part of education

Thread: Becoming a special educator

Happy Labor Day

Teaching about sex for students with disabilities

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(12)

Student A v. Berkeley Unified School District proposed settlement

John McWhorter recommends Direct Instruction

ASAT published it’s latest news letter.

Friday photos 2

Griffith et al. guidance about FBAs in secondary schools

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(11)

News: K. Chenoweth on Chicago's improving educational outcomes

US ED reaffirms application of IDEA in pandemic

Friday Photos 1

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(10)

Editorial: Making up for lost instruction

News: Maryland ISO autism coordinator

News: HS athlete tears ligament, makes epic comeback

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(9)

News: CODA opens in wide release

News: The touchy terms related to autism

News: American Masters profiled Kitty O'Neil

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(8)

News: Scientific American column on understanding autism

John's Kitchen: Making omlettes (and teaching behavior)

News: ASAT Newsletter 18(8)

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(7)

John's Kitchen: Making biscuits (and teaching reading)

News: Greetings and salutations

Depression in adolescents

News: Building skills & knowledge

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(6)

Editorial: Police, law enforcement, and disabilities

News: How have siblings with disabilities (and their family) responded to the pandemic?

Olds: Evidence about notes home

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(5)

Olds: Hempemstall on reading instruction

Olds: What it's like to live with a child who has autism

News: More about US Covid relief funds and special education

Olds: Tootling for positive peer relationships

News: US PBS series on early childhood education

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(4)

Editorial: Funding Special Education

Olds: Evidence that progress monitoring improves outcomes

Olds: Autism and police encounters

U.S. Health agency plans audit of payments for autism services

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(3)

Happy Independence Day, USA

News: EU researchers express concern about SARS-CoV-2 and vulnerable groups

News: American Rescue Plan Act expenditures on education

News: ASAT Newsletter 18(7)

News: Dan Willingham on encouraging children to read

Special Education Today Newsletter 1(2)

Editorial: Schools contend with shortage of special education teachers for summer school

News: TV personality considers dyslexia a "super power"

Editorial: Subtypes of LD

News: US ED promotes violence Webinars

News: NPR reporting on special education during the pandemic

Special Education Today Newsletter, 1(1)

Editorial: What news is news?

Relocating! Please see

SET & spedtalk?

SET: Current news, recommendations, editorials, and more about students with disabilities

News: Furniture tip-overs cause head injuries among children

Editorial: What do special educators make?

Correcting Reversals

Spedtalk Newsletter 1(4)

News: US Food & Drug Administration authorized marketing of "device" to aid diagnosis of ASD

News: In context of SARS-Cov-19, large CA school systems promoted early literacy program

News: Australian support "hub" for individuals with autism launched

News: EU researchers express concern about SARS-Cov-19 and vulnerable groups

News: Special ed's effects on academics among students with LD

News: ASAT newsletter for June 2021

Spedtalk Newsletter 1(3)

Editorial: Brain-based education

News: Advising parents about pica

News: Sprout Films Cuts Back

SpedTalk Newsletter 1(2)

News: New report calls sped "beneficial to many, harmful to others"

US NCES's Condition of Education reported child count data

News: Does the pandemic continue to affect individuals with disabilities?

News: $15K bonus for special ed teachers!