Friday Photos 1

Dan, Jim, & me

Some readers will know that I was fortunate to collaborte with two giant figures in special education. This photo shows (l-to-r) Daniel P. Hallahan, me, and James M. Kauffman. The photo is from 2013, probably from a celebration of Dan’s retirement. I am sorry that I cannot acknowledge the photographer.

The three of us did a fair bit of work together. Not only did we report results of research projects, but we also summarized research about individuals with disabilities as well as studies about effective interventions. And we wrote books.

Dan and Jim have written terrifically influential text books. Their introduction to special education and disabilities has been one of the foremost expositions for prospective special educators since the 1970s. They—and their now co-author, Paige Pullen—provide sensible, accessible, and evidence-based perspectives about disabilities that are updated every 3 or 4 years. The book is a great way to understand the broad sweep of disability and special education

The three of us (Dan, Jim, and I, with Margaret P. Weiss and Elizabeth A. Martinez) wrote about learning disabilities (I get no referral fee from your click; interesting that Dan’s listed as affiliated with Miami of Ohio!). Although this product is more than 10 years old, I still stand by its academic analysis and general instructional recommendations.

These colleagues are great guys. Readers of SET should sit up straight and think carefully when they find Jim or Dan as authors or presenters. Readers can, for sure, learn more about Jim and Dan by using search terms. As usual, start by going to or and search for a person’s name.