Olds: Hempemstall on reading instruction

Dos this guy know a lot and explain it well...or what?

This is a repost of an entry on TeachEffecttively.com from March of 2016. It is still instructive. Importantly, his message about learning to read English is not Oz-, UK-, US-, or Indian-centric. It’s about the “universal” (i.e, English) features about reading English.—JohnL

Professor Kerry Hempenstall wrote a literature review on teaching reading for Australia’s Centre for Independent Studies. It is an excellent resource, because it is true to the scientific evidence, but it is written in a way that is accessible to lay readers. 

Parents, teachers, administrators, and interested others: You don’t have to put up with the statistics-ese and mumbo-jargon that we researchers often use when discussing scientific evidence. In Read About It:
Scientific Evidence for Effective Teaching of Reading
, Professor Hempenstall clearly explains the five fundamental features of reading competence and how to foster them in learners. Down load a copy of this excellent PDF or follow this link to learn how to purchase a hard copy.