Friday Photos 6

Melody and Tim!

The names of Professors Melody Tankersley and Timothy J. Landrum will be familiar to many readers. They together and separately have made substantial contributions to education, especially to the education of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Looking at this photo, you might think that they are pals. You’d be right. They are! They are just hanging together, as they have for many years. Beneath the happy demeanors, though, these are people who care deeply about outcomes for kids with disabilities (and those kids’ families and teachers). And Melody and Tim are people of substantial achieveent.

  • After a stint at the justly famous Juniper Garden’s Children’s Project, Melody rapidly rose through the ranks at Kent State University and is currently professor and provost at Kent. Here’s just a pinch of perspective: She is the top academic official at her university, only reports directly to the institution’s president, and every faculty member, dean, and etc. essentiallty reports to her.

  • Tim is another high flyer. As a professor the University of Louisville, not only has he co-authored books with luminaries such as Jim Kauffman (and many others), but his thoughtfulness, consideration, and smarts have led to important roles in education. For example, he recently served as Associate Dean for Research and Innovation at the University of Louisville’s College or Education.

I had the great priviledge of working with Mel and Tim during their time at UVA in the 1980s and 90s. As with all the people featured in SET’s Friday Photos, Tim and Mel are also wonderful people. I can vouch for them! I am wonderfully happy to number them among my coleagues, and if you happen to be a room with either (or both!) of them, I recommend you introduce yourself and take advantage of the opportunity to hang with them.