Special Education Today Newsletter 1(8)

The week's news and info for 9 August 2021!

Dear SETters,

Well, here we are, with the eighth issue for the first year of Special Education Today. As I assemble this issue during the week ending 8 August, I won't be reporting current tunes to which I'm listening. (I know, the disappointment is great…so sorry.)

Here are my notes about contents in the magazine in the week since the previous issue. You’ll find familiar contents: some basic data reports, a list of recent posts, and some half-baked commentary.


The SET mailing list grew by one participant this past! If you received this message directly, then you're among the nearly people who have signed up for immediate notices. If you got a copy second hand, please go to the Web site and add your address to the mailing list. That form of participation is free. I only send one notice a week.

Several folks interacted with the magazine recently. Shout outs to usual suspects Rhonda, B., Jane B., Tina C., Lysandra C., Clay K., & Michael K. Thanks for the likes this last week, the Tweets! I keep hoping that some comments will develop lives of their own and we'll have useful conversations about topics among the SETters.

There have been few new visitors to the site. Substack only provides data about “new” visitors, meaning (I suspect) requests from browsers attaching to the Internet from IP addresses that have not previously connected to the site. However, I was pleased to see that new posts were getting organic traffic. Visits occurred even though the posts hadn’t been announced, only posted. So, thanks to y’all who check on the contents inbetween mailings of these newsletters!

This pasts week's posts

I dropped three new posts on the magazine this week. I hope that readers have found them useful...at least mildly interesting? Here they are, from oldest to newest. You can read them by following this link https://www.specialeducationtoday.com

  • News: ASAT Newsletter 18(8)—The latest from the Association for Science in Autism Treatment is available

  • John's Kitchen: Making omlettes (and teaching behavior)—How is cooking analogous to teaching?

  • News: Scientific American column on understanding autism—Is a deficit in prediction skills a key to understanding autism?


Well, I'm still in over my head. Could this be because as we age we get shorter? Teehee!

  • I have decreased my exercise routine recently. I have experienced some mild discomfort in my left hip. Because that hip is a fake, I don't want to do anything risky. So, I stopped going out for between 50 and 60 minutes every day. I took four days in a row off and have been alternating days more recently—and only going for about 30 min. We'll see how it goes.

  • I made an unplanned 4-hr trip to check about a sibling's health. That was unsettling, but I'm glad to report that things seem OK now.

Meanwhile, because (as I mentioned last week) I find this uptick in SARS-19 concerning, I hope you are practicing good hand washing, masking up as appropriate, maintaining social distance, and (of course) teaching your children well.



SET should not be confused with a product with a similar name that is published by the Council for Exceptional Children. SET predated CEC’s publication by decades.