Midwest symposium awards nominations

Who's provided outstanding service to individuals with EBD?

The Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders requested nominations for it’s series of awards. Although the name of the organization may seem local (i.e., “Midwest”), the awards are not just local, they’re national and international. Over many years, the honorees have represented eminent contributors from both many countries as well as many classes of service providers.

Each year at the MSLBD conference there are muliple awards presented to indidivuals and organizations who provide outstanding service to individuals with EBD. The awards go to people or groups in the following categories::

  • Leadership: outstanding service and leadership to the field of E/BD at the national level

  • Advocacy: outstanding advocacy for students with E/BD

  • Educator: outstanding achievement and excellence in classroom service to students with E/BD

  • Building Leadership: outstanding supporter of students with E/BD

  • Educational Program Award: Building Bridges: Seeds for Program Development, a stipend of up to $500 to a program serving students with behavioral needs to provide seed money for program development. Nominations accepted from classrooms, schools, clinics, hospitals, or other organizations, offering direct services to children and youth with E/BD and ASD.

Check it (the MSLBD) out. This is a wonderful way to support services for what may be the most underserved disability group.