Friday Photos 7

It's Bets!

Those readers who receive e-mail messages from the Division for Research of the Council for Exceptional Children have surely seen notes from Elizabeth (Betsy, Bets, ET) Talbott. Like all the folks whom I’ve represented in these weekly photos, Bets is a special educator of note.

After stints at the University of North Texas and the University of Illinois Chicago, she is now a professor at William and Mary. At Bill and Mary she is among the faculty of one of the two oldest—and the first institution that was secular; it wasn’t centered around the study of divinity—in the USA.

Bets is not only a professor but also Associate Dean for Research in the W&M School of Education. As her record of publication will reveal, Bets, Melody, and Tim developed a close relationship during their graduate programs. I am honored to have collaborated with them.

So, here’s an image of Bets and me at the 2019 meeting of Teacher Educators for Children with Behavior Disorders in Tempe, AZ.

Fun story: When Bets was studying for a masters degree at UVA, she had a practicum assignment with Pat Lloyd. Pat led a tiny, on-grounds preschool in the 1980s; the child development center, as it was known, had titular management from the UVA Education School’s deans’ office, and that management fell to Jim Kauffman.

Bets was assigned a practicum course with Pat. Right away, Bets “Grocked” the methods Pat was using (Bets had a behavioral background;p published in JABA as an undergrad!).

Poor Bets was getting academic content from me in classes and the real deal from Pat during the day. Not only did Bets manage those connections, but she also survived the introduction of a turtle into Pat’s classroom. Guess what the kids wanted to name the turtle?

“Everybody’s Turtle,” which, of course, referenced “ET.”

Such fond memories for this old man.