Special Education Today Newsletter 1(18)

The week’s news and info for 18 October 2021

Dear All,

It's been a busy week here in Lake Heaven-and-Beyond, at least on the personal front if not on the SET case. More about that later. Before going there, I'll provide a brief update on activity and a ToC.

Traffic & subscriptions

Traffic on the site continues to have a lag-7 autocorrelation. On Mondays, there is a regular increase in “new website visitors.” The exceptions to this seem to be when SET breaks a specific story; for example, when I published the story about Lynn and Doug Fuchs deservedly getting a McGraw Prize, visitors spiked. It's not completely clear from whence these new visitors come...sigh...but the bulk of them apparently come directly to the site (about 1000 of 1700 total) rather than from Facebook (150), Twitter (100), and other sources.

We lost a couple of e-mail addressees last week, but we picked up maybe 10 new addresses. The big jumps (say 20-30) came in late July and early September, around the time SET published, respectively, Newsletter 1(6) and the story about Fountas's and Pinnell's editorial regarding the "reading wars."

I suspect that your chatter about SET has helped with dissemination and therefore, traffic and e-mail joins. I want to thank these readers who have interacted with the posts, popped up on Twitter (NEW: @SpecialEdToday!), and etc.:

  • Jane B.

  • Shannah H.

  • Lysandra C.

  • Clay K.

  • Michael G.

  • Michael K.

  • Allison G.

  • Betsy T.

  • Beth P.

  • Kristy S-M.

  • Sarah P.

Can I put heart emojis in the newsletter? I dunno…maybe later.

Table of contents

Since the last newsletter, I've been kinda quiet. Here are links to the past week's stories.

  • E. Solari on reading—Friend of SET, Emily, was interviewed for "Parent Data."[Emily is among the featured guests in a series of “interviews” I'll be publishing later]

  • Friday Photos 8—It's Paul Morgan!

  • Behavior Management #5: ABCs about misbehavior in more detail—How should we assess behavior's causes?


So, why so few posts? Like most behavior, the frequency of my posting is under the control of multiple stimuli or conditions. One of the impediments this past week was that I took lots of time to hang with some long-time pals (dating back to the 1970s) with whom my family and I get together regularly; it was a great time for a bunch of old f**ts (it was guys; many of the partners took off for the beach) to sit around and play guitar, take walks, play poker, have meals, review photos of past meetings, discuss just about anything (especially their boats!), celebrate being retired, and all that sort of stuff. Another impediment was that I spent a very long time working on the current entry in the behavior management series; that venture is going to eat my lunch! Also, I'm working on an extended post about the “reading wars”—as well as the next installment in the behavior management series (no lunch for me!). Yet another weight was that, because of the first few, I had very little time to scan the Internet for news...so, thanks to those of you who sent me notes about SET-worthy content! Keep it coming!

So SET is starting to feel like work! But, let's continue along here. We’re barely more than 33% through the first year. As we continue, please keep me up-to-date with your ideas via direct communication as well as comments. And, also, please remember to (a) take care of yourself, (b) watch out for others, and (c) teach children and students well.

John Wills Lloyd, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, UVA School of Ed & HD
Co-editor, Exceptional Children
Founder and editor, SpecialEducationToday.com

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