News: TV personality considers dyslexia a "super power"

Kevin O'Leary of the TV show "Shark Tank," discussed his views on dyslexia

Over on Yahoo! Finance, Alexis Christoforous wrote an article headed, "Kevin O’Leary: Dyslexia is a 'competitive weapon' in the workplace." Ms. Christoforous intereviews Mr. O'Leary about his experiences growing up as a child with dyslexia and his—very positive—views about individuals with dyslexia in the workplace.

As a part of the article, Mr. O'Leary revealed that he had dyslexia and observed that he considered dyslexia to be unlike other learning disabilities and, actually, as a the source of "super powers."

In an emotional interview, O’Leary opened up to Yahoo Finance about overcoming his Dyslexia and why he views it as a “super power” that has helped him succeed in business. “It's the out of the box thinkers that make companies competitive, the crazy ones, the dyslexic ones,” he said.

O’Leary considers Dyslexia a “competitive weapon” for companies. “I would hire lots of dyslexics, because I know they can excel in certain things in a remarkable way above the average,” he said. “What [employers] want are functional employees, and my attitude about people that have Dyslexia is, they are super functional. They're myopically focused on it, because that's what gives them their own identity. And that's the thing that many employers have figured out.”

Kevin O’Leary as a child in Montreal, Canada says he missed out on extra-curricular activities like playing soccer because he spent hours at an experimental clinic for dyslexics at McGill Unviersity.

Mr. O'Leary, who has an extensive history of entrepneurship and investing, has been an on-air performer in Canadian and US television shows that are often focused on business and investment (e.g., "Shark Tank"). Ms. Christoforous, who has covered business and other news topics for CBS news shows prior to joing Yahoo! Finanace, provided both text and video for the interview with Mr. O'Leary.

Read the article and watch the video for Kevin O’Leary: Dyslexia is a 'competitive weapon' in the workplace.