Open access journal articles about DI

Free downloads from September 2021 issues of Perspectives on Behavior Science and Behavior Analysis in Practice

Today’s mail brought a note from long-admired colleagues, William Heward and Janet Twyman, announcing the availability of a series of articles across two journals that they co-edited. These special sections present the most recent academic work about Direct Instruction. The special sections appear in Perspectives on Behavior Science and Behavior Analysis in Practice. The latter issue has six articles focused on implementation of DI; the special section in the former includes nine articles plus the introduction and addresses critical features of DI methods..

These are fabulous treatments of many important topics related to DI. People who take the time to read (and ponder) them will have a deep start on understanding DI and its enormous benefits for learners.

For those of us affiliated with academic institutions, these journals are fairly readily available, but for those outside academe, access to journal articles is often limited. Thanks to the publisihers and editors, the articles in the special sections on DI are “open access’—meaning they can be downloaded for free!

There are other articles in both journals. Readers may find some of them of interest, too. I am not sure whether they are all open access, though.