Funds for promoting "Reading Reimagined"

What does an apprently big intiative offer for helping kids read well?

A foundation with substantial resources announced today (25 October 2021) that it will fund efforts, called “Reading Reimagined,” to improve reading achievement among student groups that have traditionally had difficulties in reading. According to the Web site of the Advanced Education Research and Development Fund (AERDF), “Reading Reimagined will engage in design efforts grounded in the lived experiences of the students and educators.” The focus is on students who have traditionally been overlooked—which includes many of the kids special educators teach.

AERDF said it “will support ambitious Inclusive R&D programs designed to tackle intractable teaching and learning challenges that disproportionately affect Black and Latino students and students of all races experiencing poverty.” This sounds good! If folks can promote effective practices for reading (writing, math, social behavior), I want to cheer.

So I scoured the Web site for the organization…and I found a lot of pablum, not much evidenced-based practice. Will evidence guide its investments?

But there is some good news! AERDF reported that it is is soliciting (a) proposed projects and (b) applications for its advisory board and that call is still open. It would be wonderful to have a shipload of advocates for evidence-based reading on that board.

The organization solicited applications for participation as a member of an advisory board. Applicants for the AERDF’s advisory board should see Educator Advisory Council

I can think of many good nominees (don’t fret about the order):

  • Emily Solari

  • Holly Lane

  • Paige Pullen

  • Ed Kame’enui

  • Devin Kearns

  • Sharon Vaughn

  • Deborah Simmons

  • Ed Kame’enui

  • Mike Coyne

  • Chris Lemons

  • Nathan Lemens

  • … The list goes on!

So, how do special educators concerned about reading help steer AERDF to doing the right things?