Twyman & Heward: Improving instruction now!

What are some immediately applicable strategies for effective teaching?

In 2018, Janet Twyman and Bill Heward wrote a damn good article, “How to improve student learning in every classroom now,” that I want to revisit briefly here in hopes that it will help some teachers to adopt effective practices. Professors Twyman and Heward have no interest in peddling theory-based practices that come without evidence of beneficial effects. Instead, they promote practices that have been documented to help teachers help students learn.

In this article, Professors Twyman and Heward catalog an entire batch of evidence-based recommendations. Some are what they call “low-tech” and others are “high-tech” solutions. Practicing teachers may be familiar with one or a few of the strategies they describe. But, in addition to describing the strategies, they explain the rationale for them, illustrate how to implement them, and refer to the evidence about their effectiveness.

I posted a note about this in 2016 on, but it is so valuable that I want to underline it. For teachers who are interested in “what can I do NOW,” this article is for you! Not only do you get the strategies, but you also have the evidence to back up your practices. And, you may be able to download it directly!


Twyman, J. S., & Heward, W. L. (2018). How to improve student learning in every classroom now. International Journal of Educational Research, 87, 78-90.

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