Depression in adolescents

A brief summary of what's known about this internaliziing disorder

In the New England Journal of Medicine, Leslie Miller, M.D., and John V. Campo, M.D., provided a high-level reveiw of depression in adolescence. Their review covers multiple aspects of the topic, so it is does not have a lot of detail. This is understandable when the authors examine broad topics, including epidemiology, clinical characteristics, treatment, and future directions in just over 2100 words.

Special educators or parents should not expect to get a deep understanding of the topics from reading this article. However, it still yields value: At the very least, it shows how physcians think about this problem. The authors wrote it in an accessible way and they seem to have stayed true to evidence.

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Miller, L., & Campo, J. V. (2021). Depression in adolescents. New England Journal of Medicine, 385, 445-449.