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Because fate linked me to a free, public, school for severely physically disabled students, I learned somethings I think are relevant. The school, supported by the State of New York, and attended voluntarily by students from Long Island and NYC, had an excellent record of students’ graduating and attening post secondary education. In fact a higher percentage than non disabled students in nearby districts. Another criteria was student and parent satisfaction and, interstingly, active alumni interest. The school encouraged children to attend local schools, full or part-time if they chose, or wanted a specialized course. Students almost all preferred the specialized school, more activities, socialization, etc. 40 years later that is still true, many students have multiple disabilities.

As my sons are musicians who attended post secondary conservatories and colleges of the Arts,

As I learned from my experiences I asked, “Is Julliard a Segregated School?”

Ed Martin

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Almost heaven WV! So glad that our Congress made if the newest national park.

The new river is amazing...

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