Great questions!

I understand that a major US television company is running a show, “Kids Say The Darndest Things,” in which an entertainer, Tiffany Haddish, interacts with children and videographers capture those unrehearsed interactions. According to Wikipedia, television stations in at least six other countries broadcast similar shows.

Some readers have enough, ahem, seniority to remember that a television (and, earlier, radio) personality named Art Linkletter from the 1950s had segments using the same label in his shows and wrote at least one book with the title Kids Say The Darndest Things about wonderful statements by children.

All of that should serve as an introduction to this thread. I’m inviting folks to contribute anecdotes about questions that children have asked them. I was prompted to launch this thread by a story that a teacher (and friend) told me. I’ll start the thread off with an anecdote from my own experience.

One time, when Pat and I were “foster parents” for four kids who’d moved out of a state hospital to live with us, we were all riding along a country road. The full moon was rising and the pastoral setting was beautiful. One of the kids, L., asked, out of the blue, “John, is the moon run by electricity?”