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SpecialEducationToday is a Web site providing current content about special education. The content includes news, articles, editorials, commentaries, and other posts about the concepts undergirding special education as well as recommendations for practice. If you’re interested in learning about kids with reading problems, autisim, and how to help them, SET is for you.

I emphasize content that has an emprical basis. I hope to avoid publishing misinformation, fads, and conpiracy theories. Goddesses know there are plenty of places to find variations on those! I call them “bologna,” though I know some colleagues would prefer the term, “baloney.” You say “baloney,” I say “balogna.” I trust that readers of SET do not want a lot of BS. Looking for the latest pop psych theories? You’re more likely to find a criticism of them here than a post championing them.

Unlike some other sources about special education, I write content for SET in ways that I hope are readily accesible to lay readers. One doesn’t need advanced degrees to understand important ideas, but it helps if the ideas are not preseneted in a stuffy way, larded with jargon, and inconsiderate of readers.

Please let me know if SET seems unintelligible to you! I want to know—and I’ll want to make changes—if you identify problems by commenting about content that’s not clear.

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Who in this world am I? Well, there’s a bit more in the bio link. Simply said, I’m retired professor of special education who has taught and conducted research about improving special education services since (depending on how one counts), the 1960s or 1970s. Although when I flatter myself, I think I’ve made some helpful contributions, I know that there’s lots of space for improving my work…and I hope this resource will help advance our shared concern about improving outcomes for children and youth with disabilities and those people’s families.

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John Wills Lloyd
I live with Pat and two cats in C'ville, VA. For nearly 60 yrs I have been advocating for evidence-based methods for improving outcomes for students with disabilities. I've written articles and books and I co-edit the journal Exceptional Chiildren.