News: US PBS series on early childhood education

Will it examine the needs of and services for young children with disabilities?

The Newshour, a premier product of US Public Broadcasting System, launched a series about early childhood care and education today, 12 July 2021. I’m glad to see that PBS is covering the critically important topic of early childhood education and care.

I wonder, though, to what extent the Newshour series will cover access to early childhood education for individuals with disabilities (and their families). As important as ECE is for successful development for virtually all children, it is especially important for those youngsters who have disabilities. I shall be watching for evidence that kids with disabilities will be included in this coverage.

Here is the PBS description of the first show in the series. I presume that going too this link will allow one to find subsequent shows.

During the pandemic, the federal government spent more than $50 billion to shore up the child care industry. But advocates say cost and access are still big hurdles. Over the past several months, special correspondent Cat Wise and producer Kate McMahon traveled across the country for our series “Raising the future: America’s child care dilemma.” They begin with how we got here and what’s at stake.

Follow this link to the first installment.


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