News: The touchy terms related to autism

Yikes! Is it OK or a mistake to say...?

US television’s Today Show ran a segment by Laura T. Coffey that examined debates about the language used in conversations about autism. Ms. Coffey had a good lede:

The discussions you’ll find about autism in the wilds of the internet may shock and confuse you. Fights about autism-related terminology and therapies can be extreme and intense — even though all the people weighing in want what’s best for autistic people.

Ms. Coffey tackled topics such as identity-first vs. person-first language, levels of functioning, Autism Awareness Month, and more. She didn’t provide a definitive guide—say “this,” not “that”—but she does capture some of the disagreement. She pitches the piece for parents, but it will be useful to professionals who would benefit from a glimpse about how the popular press treats these sorts of issues.

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