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What are some clever ways to use labels in schools?

My friend (and way-accomplished colleague) Ed Martin sent me a couple of illustrations of how educators have labeled features of buildings to promote students’ learning of skills and content. The images Ed sent reminded me of a photo I took of my late friend and colleague, Jane Chien, in a school to the west of Taitung, Taiwan. So, I’ll post that one here.

Jane focused on early childhood in her work at National Taitung University. I think she would have liked some of the ways educators have used features of buildings to show students relationships.

For example, there are many illustrations of the risers on stairways labeled with math facts. Here’s one (courtesy of, but go here to see many more.

There are many other clever uses of the built school environment to illustrate concepts (e.g., labeling a floor to show the degrees a door is open; search DuckDuckGo for “protractor door mat”). Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments on this post.

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